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To be a good leader, you must connect to those being managed and be able to mobilize people in a way that drives production, engagement and value. In his work within 60 countries with managers exhibiting many different styles of leadership, Rich identified the traits that repeatedly were exhibited by the best leaders. Based on the lessons and inspirations of his book Relentless, Rich discusses these key qualities that result in authentic leadership which enables substantial and sustained success. His stories provide entertaining examples of  how to lead authentically by creating strong followership through the qualities of courage, communication, coaching, connectedness and consistency.

When most people think of performance management, they think of the annual performance review that checks the box for HR. But a culture of performance management reaches far beyond an annual review and will alter the trajectory of your employees to achieve beyond basic expectations. Performance management drives greater performance because it increases engagement and productivity. It is an ongoing process that puts the employee’s individual goals in the forefront to ensure an employee’s success, and in turn the success of the organization. Rich discusses how to create this transformative culture that is an employee focused type of management involving clear and consistent communications and managerial courage.

Having been a part of impossible cultural transformations that have changed losers to winners, Rich shares his fascinating first-hand experiences with complete cultural transformations in both sports and in businesses around the globe. Rich outlines how to define culture, its importance to the organization and how it can be implemented. He shares his passion for helping others develop a culture that enables talent, leadership and management to thrive and leaves the audience inspired and excited to put culture to work as a competitive advantage.

People are a company’s most valuable asset. Yet often human resources is overlooked because HR is seen as the personnel department or compliance police. But there is a strategic opportunity organizationally if you can engage HR as a partner in the business and the owner of the people strategy. Rich demonstrates how to make HR relevant and valuable by aligning HR with the strategic goals of a company to take advantage of this often-untapped opportunity. In a world that desires measurable impact to the bottom line, Rich offers tools to prove its importance through quantitative or objective measures such as speed to competency, engagement scores and retention rates, as well as the ability to surround the business with talent that is best in class.

What if you could take your best employees – the ones who culturally fit and uplift your organization – and successfully convert them into your most needed roles without the pitfalls of the Peter Principle?

The result is a win-win for everyone with the employee increasing his or her value-proposition and engagement translating into lower turnover and higher production. Rich speaks on how to utilize existing talent through upskilling and reskilling. The process means a company is not fishing from the same talent pool as everyone else, but instead is creating new pools of talent specific to its own company.




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“A GREAT and RECOMMENDED read! Relentless addresses many of the leadership challenges that even the most experienced managers face. A really impactful read, full of memorable, helpful anecdotes that are both relatable and easy to follow.”

Victoria Bethlehem, Chief People Officer & Certified Coach Practitioner,